The industry standard in fan email aquisition.

The Original E4M
With just a click of a button, you can incentivize fans to give their email address in exchange for media. Simple to create and use, customizable, and works: over 50 million emails have been collected on the platform. All E4Ms have the features below:

•  Build your mailing list and promote your media
•  Customizable colors, images, and dimensions
•  Fully integrated with Topspin's email marketing tools
•  Embed the widget anywhere
•  Share on Facebook and Twitter
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The Bleach E4M
The Bleach E4M is an upgrade to the Original E4M and fixes several issues in the original flash widget. It's FREE to all Topspin Platform users!

•  Looks and works great on mobile
•  Fully customizable front-end
•  Download Anywhere widget created with each Bleach E4M
•  Improved user experience
•  Modern web standard compliant with HTML5
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The Submit Form E4M
The submit form E4M is our most streamlined and customizable E4M, seamlessly blending into the design of any webpage. This is a great option for the coding-inclined.

•  Looks and works great on mobile
•  Fully customizable front-end and back-end
•  Styled entirely with CSS
•  Streamlined interface
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Artists using the original E4M

Jim James Dead Can Dance Beastie Boys
Paul McCartney Pixies The Lonely Island
Jim Noir Bassnectar
Twin Shadow My Morning Jacket Demetri Martin
Joey Ramone Forerunner Music Fatboy Slim
The Decemberists LA Galaxy Maroon 5

Artists using Bleach

Alicia Keys Madness SmodCo
City and Colour How To Destroy Angles Zedd
Aziz Ansari Woodkid Ellie Gouldling

Artists using submit form

Amanda Palmer The Bones Brigade John Frusciante
The Veils Blake Shelton Carole King
Counting Crows Michael Jackson Action Bronson

Artists using the ArtistLink E4M

The Darkness Amon Tobin Everlast
Tricil Rob IE Village On Yarn
Les Blanks Butcher Brown Dave Widaman