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New York Times

When the Pixies, the reunited stars of 1980s alt-rock, decided recently to play a special show in Los Angeles, they wanted to make sure their biggest local followers were invited first.

So last Thursday morning, the band sent e-mail messages to 8,031 fans with Southern California ZIP codes, announcing the show and alerting them that “tickets are on sale RIGHT NOW.”

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What’s changed, is the way those interactions can now be tracked, analyzed, and used to sustain lifelong (or at least career-long) relationships, which is what gets people most excited about Topspin. The Pixies, for example, used the company’s software to collect email addresses of fans, pinpoint them by zip code, and book an entire tour playing cities often overlooked on normal touring schedules. Smaller acts can use Topspin to give away an MP3 or two and then grow their fan list to the point where they have 2,000 followers, then 5,000, then even more. “You build it up until you’ve got a little business. That’s a gigantic innovation for artists.”

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Los Angeles Times

With two days to go before the film's official theatrical release, the director had already managed to recoup "Bones Brigade's" entire $500,000 budget. In fact, he reached that target a few weeks earlier.

Call it payoff for Peralta's Sundance gamble.

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Fast Company

After David Byrne and Brian Eno self-released their album Everything That Happens Will Happen Today last August, they generated profits equivalent to a label advance. How? Software marketing, of course.

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The Telegraph

The Pixies, the influential American rock band, have begun building an online gigography and uploading recordings of their shows that fans can download for $3.99 each. More than that, however, they're asking fans to upload photos and video of the shows to create a real archive.

Pixies continue to innovate online with gigography download site.

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