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You need fans, not dollars (at first).
If you have less than 2,000 people connected to you via email, Facebook, & Twitter put selling things on the back burner and focus 100% on growing your fan connections. As Tim O’Reilly famously said, “An artist’s enemy is obscurity, not piracy.” Step one is to take those people who have never heard of you and make them interested. Turn them from non-knowers into carers. That starts with your art, none of what’s written in this post matters if you don’t make music people love. Assuming you do, though, the first step to is to take it to them, everywhere. So let's get started!

Give your music away for free.
Nobody can determine the value of the music they haven’t heard it, and they won’t hear it if it costs money. Make it clear that your music is free and available for download.

Free on your website

Give away more music and connect with more fans with clear call-to-actions. Collect email addresses while allowing fans to hear your music. Learn about our Email For Media widgets here.

Free at your shows

When you play a show, give listeners something to remember you by. You'll create a longer lasting impression and a way for them to find you in the future. Learn about Topspin Redeem codes here.

Easy to share

Give away your music in exchange for a way to connect with your fans. Make it easy for them to share with their network. Learn about our Email For Media widgets here.

Connect with the people who like your music.
The Internet has created an attention economy, where distribution is easy but attention is scarce. Success is now determined by the strength of an artist's connection to their audience. But how can you connect with them? Connect with your audience by giving your music away in exchange for an email address. Do small things every week and big things every month. Email your fans once a month. This will lead your fans to really start connecting with you, and when it comes time to sell something, they’ll be listening.

Active in your community

Play shows in your community, connect with musicians and bands in your area, and build up your network.

Email is important

Email offers you a direct connection to your fans and returns better results than social media. For email tips, check out this post.

Be present online

Social media is great for generating awareness, making you easier to find on the web, and communicating to a wide audience.

Give your fans incentives to share you.
Your fan’s are going to want to share your music, so why not reward them for doing it? Invite them to share your new track on Twitter or Facebook in exchange for a track, video, or something creative you come up with. Let the people they share to download your track for a their email address. This way you can make the most of every share you get!

Exclusive content

Luke Bryan gave exlcusive video downloads to every fan that shared, tweeted, or linked his website. See how.

Personal touch

Your fans want to hear from you. Speak to them in your voice. Amanda Palmer was very personal with her fans during her historic crowdfunding campaign.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

We recommend to focus on growing your fanbase until you reach 2000 emails on your mailing list. When you have, proceed to the next step - selling stuff.

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