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Give your fans a reason to buy and they will.
You are not in the $0.99 download business. A fan connection is worth far more than $0.99, and it's much better to convert a large number of people into lasting and meaningful relationships than make a few dollars on a digital download. The average revenue per transaction across everything Topspin has sold to-date is $26. When you look at optimized campaigns, what you might call the typical Topspin campaign, you find yourself in the $50-60 range. Add tickets to the campaign and you start to approach $90. Build fan connections and push higher value transactions rather than drive people to a $0.99 download.

A quality experience breeds loyal customers.
Front-run your release with your compelling direct-to-fan offer. Before your album goes on sale, sell a special package with an early single or EP. When your fans do buy from you, take excellent care of them. Ship their products quickly. Ship in packaging that protects the products from damage. If their poster gets bent, replace it. Quickly. We’ve dealt with a lot of fans over the past three years. We’ve seen great fan experiences and unfortunately seen a few terrible ones. The terrible ones deeply impact your fan relationship. You need to either be prepared to take great care of fans or partner with someone who can.

Creative Quality

Artists have an unlimited number of formats, products and other creative ways to engage their fans. Beautiful artwork is an instant head start. Learn more...

Exclusive Content

Think outside the jewelcase. Use great products and limited experiences to drive higher value transactions. Learn more...

Fan satisfaction

You are at the helm of your business and your business is your customers. Provide a great experience and they will be happy to support you.

Not all fans are equal. Sell products at different levels.
Not everyone has the same level of fandom or depth of pocketbook. Every day there are people coming to your web site who are just entering the “awareness” phase and there’s nothing you can do to make them spend money. Offer something free, something in the $10 price range, something in the $25 price range, something in the $50 price range, and something in the superfan price range. It turns out the Internet isn’t about “going digital” after all, it’s about consumer choice. Give your fans a valuable product that fits their budget and level of fandom and they will be happy to support you.

Something for free

Every day people are visiting your site who have never heard your music. Give them something for free and connect with them. Learn how...

Something for $5 - $20

You art is your product. The average music listener is used to spending $5 - $20 on a record or CD.

Something for $50 - $100

Your fans want to experience your music in more ways then one. Do something special put together creative packages with tickets, downloads, and more. Learn more...

In summary...
The first ingredient is music people love. From there you plan a marketing campaign which is an extension of your art and appropriate representation of your brand. Fight obscurity and create awareness, turn awareness into fan connections, communicate authentically with your connections and build trust, create valuable products and sell for profit. Experiment, optimize, repeat. Share what you learn with others. We’re all learning together.

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